Beware of the Leopard

I know this isn’t exactly breaking news, but there’s a small part of me that almost admires how thoroughly Amazon hide away the account-closing option 1 on their web site. Just look at the first part of this NerdWriter video for way more on just how hard they’ve worked to hide that sucker:

Amazon unaccountably failed to put the relevant menu option on a page headed Beware of the Leopard but in every other respect they’re living down to Jeff Bezos’ background as a former hedge fund manager 2 by behaving this way. Call it a dark pattern or just a dick move; the sad thing is how prevalent this sort of nonsense is nowadays.


  1. Strictly speaking, there is no account-closing link on their web site: Amazon insist that their customer speaks/chats to a Customer Service representative before they’ll let their customer instruct the Customer Service rep start the account closure process for the customer’s account.
  2. Which is to say, a man who will pinch every single penny that he can
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