Microsoft are clearly very proud of the Surface Hub 2, which looks all shiny and ready to suck up every byte of bandwidth that your network connection can offer to power all those pixels it wants to deliver.

No question about it, it's a handsome beast of a device. I work in an office where we've just switched to Windows 10 earlier this year and we're in the process of encouraging everyone to make as much use as possible of all the collaborative technologies that we now have access to[note]Not least because we don't want to spend money on sending staff to our London-based head office by train if staff can just use Teams and Skype and OneNote and Office 365 to work together from the comfort of our own desks[/note] and I can just imagine our managers drooling over one day deploying this sort of technology. I can't help but note that Microsoft are refusing to quote a price just yet, but it's amazing what you can justify spending money on when you're kitting out new offices so give it time and I'm sure a Surface Hub will pop up somewhere near you.[note]In the sense of, somewhere in the same network as your machine. You might be participating via a dinky little Lenovo laptop using the built-in webcam rather that swivelling your Surface Hub into portrait mode as you make your killer point on this next agenda item, but you'll find yourself squeezed into a window somewhere on that 50.5" screen somewhere, alongside all the other plebs.[/note]

[Via Future Drama]