Dancing in Movies

When I first saw a link to Dancing In Movies a week or so ago I wasn't all that impressed: yes, someone had put a lot of effort into stringing together clips from nearly 300 films but I wasn't getting a thrill from it. But now I've taken (several) further looks at it and I love it! I think on the first viewing I was too obsessed with identifying the sources of the clips, and as they're such short clips I found myself overwhelmed by the need to try to mentally catalogue them in real time and was too busy to get round to appreciating the art of the compilation itself.[note]I could have used the Play/Pause functionality to give my brain a chance to catch up, but the prospect of doing that almost 300 times wasn't terribly appealing. As it turns out, the better way would have been to consult someone else's list.[/note]

Fortunately - perhaps it caught up with me on a day when my case of trainspotter's syndrome was in remission - I saw it again the other day, and this time I just settled back and enjoyed the quirky spectacle of it all. Magnificent stuff, strongly recommended.