Best iPad Ad Ever?

A few months ago I bookmarked Serenity Caldwell's iPad video and somehow never got round to posting about it here.

It's a very nice piece of work, but somehow I'm not persuaded that I need to rush out and upgrade to an iPad capable of working with an Apple Pen. In principle I understand that all sorts of people with actual artistic ability can do amazing things with an Apple Pen and an iPad/iPad Pro, but that's not me. Tragically[note]I say 'tragically' because for now Apple seem to be moving away from the 7.9" variant of the iPad.[/note], one of the best features of my iPad Mini 4 is that it's small enough to be genuinely portable in a way that a 10.5" or 12.9" iPad never can. I'll take portability over an Apple Pen any day.[note]The crunch will come when the A8 CPU in my iPad Mini 4 no longer has the horsepower to run modern software and I find myself unable to fit all the software and data I want into the 128GB of RAM.[/note]

[Via Memex 1.1]