Best iPad Ad Ever?

A few months ago I bookmarked Serenity Caldwell’s iPad video and somehow never got round to posting about it here.

It’s a very nice piece of work, but somehow I’m not persuaded that I need to rush out and upgrade to an iPad capable of working with an Apple Pen. In principle I understand that all sorts of people with actual artistic ability can do amazing things with an Apple Pen and an iPad/iPad Pro, but that’s not me. Tragically1, one of the best features of my iPad Mini 4 is that it’s small enough to be genuinely portable in a way that a 10.5″ or 12.9″ iPad never can. I’ll take portability over an Apple Pen any day.2

[Via Memex 1.1]

  1. I say ‘tragically’ because for now Apple seem to be moving away from the 7.9″ variant of the iPad.
  2. The crunch will come when the A8 CPU in my iPad Mini 4 no longer has the horsepower to run modern software and I find myself unable to fit all the software and data I want into the 128GB of RAM.
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