Who knew there was an official standard that laid down the methodology by which dishwashers should be tested? Hold on to your hats: down the rabbit hole we go! God bless the manual writers who really overdo it. — David Wohlreich (@wallrike) January 16, 2019 “> [Via Retweet from @cstross]

Challenge Failed

Please, be sure to watch this right to the end. The soundtrack he’s playing while he psyches himself up is just exquisite! Leaving this right here — gascoigne (@serenjty) January 12, 2019


Not one but two announcements that remind me how long I’ve been playing round with this internet thing and how times have changed: And Baio confirms that this time it looks as if’s content has finally been ousted from the domain where it lived when it was, truly, the best damn ‘zine on the… Continue reading Memories