Geoff Manaugh opens his story about spending six months following round a professional safecracker with an image that might have been hand-crafted to get my attention: The house was gone, consumed by the November 2018 Woolsey Fire that left swaths of Los Angeles covered in ash and reduced whole neighborhoods to charcoaled ruins. Amidst the… Continue reading Safe?

Civilisational HTTP Error Codes

There’s no substitute for thinking ahead. Who can say when we might need these HTTP error codes for civilisational errors: Civilisational HTTP Error Codes To be truly useful, HTTP error codes need to take into account possible future issues. We therefore propose the 8xx range of codes for errors pertaining to the civilisation in which… Continue reading Civilisational HTTP Error Codes


One of my favourite xkcd entries, improved: Someone gave it a happier ending πŸ™‚ β€” GleΓ± Matthews πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ πŸ‘ (@GlenMaffews) February 13, 2019 [Via @amendlocke]

Before the smartphone

Coming soon (with any luck) to a screen near you: General Magic, A Documentary Feature: Judging by the trailer, John Sculley is not going to come out of this smelling of roses. General Magic, the upcoming documentary, is a tale of how great vision and epic failure can change the world. The film features members… Continue reading Before the smartphone