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Dan Hon, helpfully filling in some blanks in Starfleet's documentation: Reporting Security Issues on the Federation Starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D...

Keeping Your LCARS Account Secure

Federation LCARS computer systems use a sophisticated n-factor authentication system to allow access to ship systems. Permissions are role and context based with an underlying entitlement system.

In the interests of efficiency, each of these authentication systems and permissions can be overriden by employing a passphrase. To use this passphrase, you must use a Starfleet combadge and be in range of biometric sensors on a secure Federation network.

Your LCARS passphrase must include the following, in Federation Standard:


"Computer, deactivate sandbox on critical ship computing settings, authorization Riker Alpha Forty Seven"

"Computer, disable all holodeck safety protocols, authorization La Forge Three Beta."

"Computer, irrevocably transfer all command privileges to Ensign Wesley Crusher, authorization Picard Gamma Two."

Starfleet crew are required to change their passphrase every seven years.

Oh boy, that last example passphrase suggests all sorts of unwelcome plot developments.[note]I'm assuming that at that point Picard is about to be subverted by some sort of hostile alien with mind control and the immediate priority was to transfer Picard's command privileges away from him before he lost control of his mind and body to an entity that didn't have good intentions for the crew/ship/planet the Enterprise was orbiting/Federation. Presumably Wesley was the only member of the bridge crew not incapacitated or subverted at that point.[/note]

[Via Things That Have Caught My Attention s07e04: Do Better]