Paper PCs

For readers of a certain age, these paper PCs are tremendously nostalgic, reminders of great computing times past. Let the nitpicking1 commence.2 [Via MetaFilter] It feels to me that the keyboards on most of these come off as far too bulky. The Atari 520ST looks very good – the slant in the floppy disks and… Continue reading Paper PCs


Definitely something to view in full screen mode, on as large a screen as you can lay hands on: Antarctica in Black & White – Chapter 2: Mountains, by Jan Erik Waider. Magnificent!


Watching , I can’t help but notice that it’s unclear from the film’s storyline how far our protagonist’s lifestyle differs from that of a male social media influencer trying hard to keep their position near the top of the tree. In the near future the film depicts, are the menfolk participating in the influencer business… Continue reading Hashtag