Author, author!

Adrian Hon reminded me of something I’ve been puzzling over for a few months, in the wake of the Mystery of the Missing Amazon Receipts: Chances are you’ve bought something from Amazon in the last few months (yes, we are all hypocrites, also there’s a pandemic on). Try searching your email for one of those… Continue reading Author, author!

Good news, bad news?

Amazon missed an opportunity when they failed to issue a press release announcing that their planned TV adaptation of Consider Phlebas was cancelled due to special circumstances and left it at that. For the record, if the rights are picked up by someone else perhaps we’ll look back a decade from now and be glad… Continue reading Good news, bad news?

Joking. Not joking.

Horrifying to contemplate how big a round of applause this would get at the next Conservative Party conference if it was delivered by the right member of the Cabinet: This kind of stuff, filmed in 1980s & early 90s, if released today would be trending on here for days. He died 2014 aged 56. What… Continue reading Joking. Not joking.

Surface Duo

I have a feeling that lots of people are going to be confused by the Surface Duo once it gets out into the market: I am confused. Microsoft did a press blitz for their Surface Duo device this week and… I don’t understand anything. About the product. The strategy. The goal. Look, I think the… Continue reading Surface Duo

King of the Web

Matt Webb has been thinking big thoughts about the future of the web: It’s hot and it’s lunchtime, so let’s pretend I’m in charge of major global technical infrastructure! I wrote about how I would improve RSS the other day (because being able to subscribe to text is super neat, but it’s so arcane compared… Continue reading King of the Web