Apple Sounds

If you're a frequent visitor to the Apple ecosystem, the first minute or so of the introductory video for this week's Apple's "Unleashed" event is comfy and familiar, a tribute to the way the sound of Apple's devices have .

I wasn't watching the event, because I'm unlikely to buy an Apple device pricier than my current iPad Mini 4 any time soon, but as someone who Switched to Apple rather than follow Microsoft further down the path through Windows 98/Windows ME1 it definitely worked on me.2

I'm glad M.G. Siegler's passing mention of the intro's music led me to seek it out.

[Via 500ish]

  1. Of course Microsoft would - quite legitimately - point out that they abandoned that path themselves in favour of Dave Cutler's Windows NT/Windows 2000, so I'm blaming them for a mistake they corrected 20 or so years ago. Then I contemplate the frustrating experience of using Microsoft Teams on my work PC under Windows 10 and I realise how little they changed. 
  2. If I were a journalist writing a story I'd probably feel obliged to hunt down the views of folks from the Windows/Android/Linux side of the divide, which I'm guessing might differ quite a bit in these days when everything is so tribal. But I'm not a journalist, so I'm content to reflect how it worked on me and leave it at that.