Just watch

Follow the link and watch the .GIFs. The pumpkin toadlet, which is a frog but not a toad, is so terrible at landing its jumps that its sheer incompetence has become a subject of scientific inquiry. Very possibly the best thing on the internet today, by any reasonable standard. [Via MetaFilter]


Earth.fm. Like Spotify / Apple Music / Amazon Music, but for nature soundscapes. A nice soundscape while I’ve been at home today. Looking forward to trying it out at work when I’m back in the office tomorrow. [Via swissmiss]

The World’s Most Satisfying Checkbox is a checkbox you’ve just checked off

For all that I’m not particularly excited by the story of The World’s Most Satisfying Checkbox,1 I’m glad that stories are being written illustrating the latest swing of the pendulum away from the trend for flat design.2 I’m making a note of this here on my decidedly old school tech blog. We have so much… Continue reading The World’s Most Satisfying Checkbox is a checkbox you’ve just checked off

No comment required

Oops: I read on the web that “Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Makes a Daring Step into web3.” Oh really. So I went to their glorious web3 adventure only to find — ooops. If it had worked I am told that I might get a YSL Beauty NFT. “Acting as a recognition token of the community… Continue reading No comment required


A couple of years ago I posted about reading Incorruptible, a Peter Watts story from the X-Prize’s Seat 14C competition1. I was pleased to find earlier today that a couple of years ago the DUST podcast/film network put out audio adaptations2 of some of the stories from the competition. Unfortunately Incorruptible wasn’t one of the… Continue reading Archived