Planetary #22 parody

February 4th, 2005

A Former Fan has a little fun with Planetary #22. I still like the series – and I wait for the collections, so I have an even longer wait between instalments than the monthly comic buyers do – but it'd be nice to see Ellis and Cassaday actually bring the story to a close some time soon.

But then, if someone offered me the choice of John Cassaday either spending the next few months working with Warren Ellis to finish off Planetary or signing up to spend the next year working on Astonishing X-Men alongside Joss Whedon I think I'd opt for another year of marvellous mutant action any day. Dammit, can't we have Cassaday cloned or something? Is that really such an unreasonable request?

[Via, who pointed me in the direction of the CapVsBats site via a link to the equally snarky Ellis Iron Man parody.]

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