Bolivia Bug

August 1st, 2006

This film of a "Bolivia Bug" (properly known as a puss caterpillar) is intriguing. It's an insect, yet it looks ridiculously cuddly as it crawls along the floor.

That ain't right…

[Via MetaFilter]

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20 Responses to “Bolivia Bug”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    its poisonous

  2. John Says:

    Well, there is that. But cute with it…

  3. ryan Says:

    you idiots, its a toy, listen to the sound of the gears grinding as it walks

  4. Declan Says:

    What sounds dumbass?!

  5. Declan is a retard Says:

    Declan you are stupid. You know how to use the internet I presume? You must have some grasp of the concept of searches – but obviously not a strong enough one.

    Do you homework before you make yourself look like a blubbering fool.

  6. Declan is not a retard but Ryan is Says:

    Sorry mate – now I look like the retard – Ryan – see above.

  7. you're both tards Says:

    n00bs got pwned! haxxorz! ZOMG!11111

  8. lady.:iknow Says:

    whateva it is, it is upsetting my stomach just looking at it. Horrible! Thank god gor urban life

  9. karl Says:

    to the fuckin idiot that says noobs pwn n zomg get a fuckin life u fuckin dumb piece of lifeless shit!!! wtf u callin people noobs for u probably play rs or wow u fuckin lame dork bitch!

  10. Gary Farber Says:

    Where do these people find you, John?

  11. John Says:

    Google has a lot to answer for…

  12. Order Says:

    Uhh, it does sound like it's grinding, and the legs move all the same each time..

    Just sayin' :)

  13. Yeah Says:

    Are you guys serious about it being fake or just stirring the pot? 3 reasons it's real…

    1. there's a lot of ambient noise; I would say it's more of a buzzing than a grinding
    2. if it's fake, someone with crazy resources put a ton of time into either building a tiny caterpillar robot with fur that moves exactly like any caterpillar I've ever seen or pulled off an almost impossibile hoax by decorating the surroundings to look like tiny spots and crevices and he/she should have a job in hollywood making animatronics for movies.
    3. "Declan is retarded" already found a site that explains the thing very well.

  14. Yeah pt.2 Says:

    or "Declan is a retard" rather, sorry

  15. Maxx Says:

    yeah i saw the wikipedia page…but i dont think its the same bug.
    doesnt look anything like it.

    I've been looking in to this for like an hour now and i havent found anything…arrrrrrgh the internet is frusterating..

  16. paige Says:

    hey i dunno theres other images of it on google and but man its freaky but i think its real

  17. soti Says:

    ugh its sooooo yucky!!!! ahhhh

  18. Bolivia Bugs are Real Says:

    No, they're real. We have them all over the place here in Southern Texas. I live in Houston and in the summer time you have to careful when you are outside under trees because the little fuckers well plop right on top of you, you'll step on them, all kinds of stuff.

    We call them asps, and the wikipedia link is a little misleading because they come in all kinds of colors, not just brown or white, in fact the most common type down here is black with what looks like two little soft orange horns. They're not really horns, it's two sharp pointy spikes of fur but it looks that way. I never knew how they hatched from inside of live hosts before but it doesn't surprise me. Most insects around here that are not communal creatures do that, and some that are like red wasps and mud dobbers.

  19. vladivostok Says:

    gotta catch em all!

  20. Luis Says:

    so, is it a caterpillar or what? 'cause if it is a caterpillar than damn, wonder what that turns into.