Surfacing Seuthopolis

September 8th, 2007

The ancient city of Seuthopolis could rise again:

In the 1940s, archaeologists discovered the ancient city of Seuthopolis, the capital seat of the Odrysian Kingdom beginning in the 4th century BCE.

Unfortunately, the discovery came too late, because under construction nearby was a reservoir dam, which would soon flood the valley and drown "the best preserved Thracian city in modern Bulgaria."

Now over half a century later, a project proposed by Bulgarian architect Zheko Tilev would uncover and preserve the ruins using "a circular dam wall, resembling a well on the bottom of which, as on a stage, is presented the historical epic of Seuthopolis."

If this proposal were to be implemented it'd be a hell of a sight: take a look at the artist's impression of the site at night towards the end of the post.

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