The TARDIS Sound Effects

July 18th, 2008

Found while searching for an mp3 of the TARDIS engine: is The TARDIS Sound Effects – A Not-So-Brief History the geekiest single web page on the internet today?

Ask anyone what happens when the TARDIS materialises and they will tell you it makes a sort of wheezing, groaning noise. Or they might say it sounds like the trumpeting of elephants. Some might even tell you it is the sound of a front door key being scraped down a piano wire. It all depends on how many Terrence Dicks books they have read, or how many DVD extras they've seen.

And whilst these answers are accepted fact now, the complete story is less simple and quite interesting. No honestly, it is quite interesting. Stay with me. […]

Granted, it's not necessarily interesting to everyone. But that's not important.

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