Opening Times

February 11th, 2009

Opening Times takes your UK postcode or town name and tells you the times local shops are open. In my neck of the woods this amounts to listing the opening hours for local branches of some1 national supermarket chains, but perhaps that's a just a feature of my locale retail landscape.

It would be good if the site covered more stores, though I appreciate that this is a really difficult problem given that it's probably really difficult to gather all that information; when I was looking at various retailers' web sites over Xmas trying to work out when they'd be open over the holiday season I found wide variations between chains, with some giving detailed opening hours for every branch and others not listing any variations on their normal opening hours. I think this is the sort of site that is better done locally, perhaps with information collated and published by a local council or newspaper or chamber of commerce.

I'll be interested to see how the site deals with public holidays; I don't have trouble remembering what time the various nearby supermarkets are open on weekdays and weekends, but I nearly always manage to misremember which ones are open at any given point over a Bank Holiday weekend. If come Easter weekend Opening Times tells me correct opening hours for the local Tesco and Morrisons supermarkets then it'll be somewhat useful.2

[Via Kevan Davis]

  1. Not all – for example, there's a Co-op supermarket in North Shields town centre that it doesn't pick up.
  2. In fairness, the site's creator mentions that he's aware of the issue of variations in opening hours. Whether he can get the requisite information to update the site in plenty of time is a whole different question.

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