April 17th, 2009

I've got to give Brendon Connelly credit: anyone posting a list of The Ten Most Influential Films of The Last Ten Years that includes Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Polar Express and My Big Fat Greek Wedding clearly has enormous reserves of self-confidence.

I'd say that the first two might look better in another decade's time, when the technologies used to create fully CGI sets and motion capture have improved tenfold and become commonplace. I'm not convinced that anyone has cited either film as influential thus far.1

The inclusion of My Big Fat Greek Wedding is simply mystifying: is it really any more influential than half a dozen other offbeat comedies lacking big stars that did unexpectedly good box office business? I'm thinking of the likes of Little Miss Sunshine, Mean Girls or Juno.

I'd fill the gaps by including at least one of the modern wave of superhero films. Spider-Man will probably be looked back on as the film that confirmed that superhero films were box office gold, but I'd rather nominate X-Men, which was earlier, cheaper and better. Finally, I'd throw in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy as the inspiration for a whole bunch of Big Fantasy films.

I wonder what a list of the Ten Most Influential TV Series of the Last Ten Years would look like…

[Via Feeling Listless]

  1. Unless, of course, you know different.

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