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February 2nd, 2011

The good news is that when you ask Flickr to delete your account, they really do delete your account.1 The bad news is that if Flickr inadvertently delete the wrong account you're out of luck:

When Mirco Wilhelm tried to log into his Flickr account yesterday, he was surprised to find that his 5-year-old Pro account with roughly 4,000 photographs had completely vanished. It then dawned on him that only a week earlier he had reported another account for posting stolen photographs.

He immediately contacted Flickr asking if they had deleted the wrong account by mistake […]

Flickr say that they can restore his account – and have offered him a four year extension of his Pro account for free in compensation for their error – but that they can't do anything about restoring his photos and their associated comments and ratings and so on.

I'm astonished that Flickr apparently have less comprehensive backups of their user's content and associated comments etc than I do of the contents of my Mac Mini's hard disk and my iTunes library, but that would appear to be the case. I know they're operating with ridiculously large quantities of data with more being uploaded/rated/linked to every minute, but they're a big company: isn't one of the reasons we're encouraged to put our data "in the cloud" that a big company is more likely than J Random User to be in a position to keep on top of the latest software patches and make adequate backups?

[Via Memex 1.1]

  1. cf Facebook, who famously take their time over the process.

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