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April 11th, 2011

An exegesis of sexual subtext in "Predator.":

An excerpt from Sir J. Thurgood Snorpington-Pittwickett's classic "Sexual Tyrannosaurus: 'Predator' and the masculine struggle with homosexual self-identity," first published in the 1988 Journal of Psychosexuality and Cinematical Hermeneutics 6, p. 122-254.*


Dutch is the leader of his team, but just as society determines what conduct is normatively appropriate and thereby holds a strong control over our actions, Dutch's team correspondingly operates to influence his choices. For example, Jesse "The Body" Ventura expresses disapproval with homosexuality when, on the chopper, he excoriates his teammates as "Slack-jawed faggots." This works to maintain the hegemony of dominant heterosexual ideology within Dutch's mind. In spite of this, the film introduces the internal conflict raging inside of Dutch early on. When he first meets his old friend, Dillon, played by Carl Weathers, we see hints of his inner turmoil. Dillon is the model of a masculine authority figure, dressed in a too-broad tie and incredibly tight work shirt. When he claps hands with Dutch, we see Dutch's eyes light up at the touch of another man. The film adoringly focuses on the masculine form, as we see the two gigantic biceps, veins bulging, arm-wrestle for dominance. This mimics Dutch's own internal struggle. Will he embrace his own way, or will he accept society's dominant conception of appropriate sexual identity?

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