What, no LibreOffice?

July 30th, 2011

Text Editors in The Lord of the Rings:

vi: Moria

Like Fangorn, ancient and deep, with hints of the long labor of a great people. There is, supposedly, a monumental city of stone down here somewhere but it's so dark I can't see a damn thing. No, wait! A shaft of light illuminates some runes! They read as follows:


The Wizard translates: "We cannot get out! We cannot get out! They are coming!"

Every time I use vi,1 I come to the conclusion that (like Unix) "vi is user friendly: it's just choosy about who its friends are."

[Via Electrolite (Sidelights)]

  1. In the interests of complete accuracy, it's vim rather than vi that came with my Mac. Same difference.

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One Response to “What, no LibreOffice?”

  1. Martin Wisse Says:

    Remember: VI has two modes. One in which it beeps and one in which it doesn't.