If I'm doing all this stuff in Emacs anyhow, what would it hurt …

August 13th, 2011

Even if you're not a fan of Emacs, if you're any sort of geek you'll find the feelings evoked in org-mode In Your Pocket Is a GNU-Shaped Devil horrifyingly familiar:

With Emacs, you don't just go "la la la … I'm gonna add org mode back and call it a day!" You think to yourself, "I love org mode. I wish there was an easy way to turn an e-mail message into a todo …" and the next thing you know you're dealing with how to configure GNUS.

Then you think "All my calendar stuff is in Google calendar … how can I get it into my org mode agenda?" […]

At which point you're off down the rabbit hole.

[Via slipstream]

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