Evolution in action

November 4th, 2011

Channel 4 have decided to simplify my life, by ensuring that I'll never need to watch More4 again:

From January 2012 a channel re-brand will mark the introduction of an even clearer programming proposition with the schedule focusing more fully on popular factual and features – life enhancing content, helping viewers to get the most out of their everyday lives. Programming which offers insight and inspiration to the way they live, including homes, property, food, health and fashion, will form the main stay of a more user friendly schedule, but there will be an additional feel-good factor with quality acquisitions.

Or, to put it another way: wall to wall Jamie Oliver and Kirstie 'n' Phil, now with even fewer serious documentaries.1

[Via The Medium is Not Enough]

  1. Thanks to True Stories returning to Channel 4 proper.

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2 Responses to “Evolution in action”

  1. Stuart Ian Burns Says:

    "life enhancing content" really sounds like they have passion for broadcasting, doesn't it?

  2. John Says:

    For me, it's the phrase "even clearer programming proposition" that really does it.