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March 22nd, 2012

If you must obsess over a diminutive musical genius with a decade-plus streak of brilliant albums and a penchant for the colour purple,1 Troy Gua shows how it should be done:

A note from [artist Troy Gua]:

Hello, friends.

Le Petit Prince was made late in 2011 in an attempt to cleanse myself from what I had been making and felt was becoming cynical work. I wanted to make something that made me happy. I've been fascinated with Gerry Anderson's work since I was a kid: 'Thunderbirds', 'Captain Scarlet' – those odd sci-fi marionette films from the 1960's that inspired Matt Parker and Trey Stone's 'Team America: World Police'. Now, Prince changed my life and view on the world at an early age (as a friend recently said: "artists help us see colors we didn't notice before"), and I wanted to pay a loving and humorous tribute to a man that has influenced and inspired me like no other. I did it, and it worked – it's been a joy-filled project. […] For the record, I never intended it to become this extensive – I planned for a Purple Rain outfit, and that was it. Then folks began requesting certain looks and eras, and I took it as a challenge and ran with it.

Don't make the mistake I did first time round of following the link, perusing the first image at the top of the page, seeing the block of text that follows and assuming that's the end of the story. Keep scrolling down: it just gets better and better.

[Via MetaFilter]

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