Maps With Me

April 14th, 2012

Maps With Me is a pretty good offline mapping program for iOS and Android. Using OpenStreetMap data, it lets you download maps for the countries of your choice and store them on your mobile device, so you can consult maps wherever you are regardless of whether you have a data connection.1

The Pro version is the one to go for IMHO, since it allows searching for place/street/business names as well as viewing maps.2 I'd been using the free Lite version for a bit now, but for my money the Pro version's search function promotes MapsWithMe from the category of useful toy to that of essential tool.

  1. The maps don't take up as much room as you'd expect: England takes up just 189MB, whilst Guernsey uses just 250KB.
  2. It doesn't do bookmarking or adding existing features to a favourites list or route planning, but now that they've added the search function I would expect it'll add the first two features before long.

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