October 13th, 2012

Doctor Who: P.S. is an unfilmed scene, depicted in storyboards with some voice work from Arthur Darvill, and written by Chris Chibnall, that acts as a neat coda to the story of the Ponds' departure from the show and their life in the 21st century. Filmed, it'd have made a lovely post-end title sequence for the latest episode. To my mind this latest mini-season was a bit lacklustre1 so they shouldn't have squandered the chance to give us this one.

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  1. The first season since the show's return with not one episode I'd class as quite good, let alone excellent. All the leads were as good as the script allowed them to be, and obviously Mr Brian Williams was just outstanding, but it's no good having a season-long story arc about how the Doctor shouldn't travel alone when all that travelling alone happens off-screen. I know it's not fair to compare five episodes with a 12 or 13 episode season, but it all seemed to be a bit flat and uninspired and overwhelmed by the need to give Rory and Amy a big send-off. They'd have been better off just leaving the Ponds where they were when the Doctor caught a glimpse of them in the department store towards the end of the previous season, happy and healthy and living their lives. I just hope that the arrival of a new companion and the approach of the show's 50th anniversary season re-energises the show.

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2 Responses to “P.S.”

  1. Stuart Ian Burns Says:

    Thanks for the via.

    I've quietly been wondering if they shouldn't have been replaced at the end of season five. Amy's story had a definitive arc in the first year and although the Melody Pond stuff resonated, and it did, there was still a small element of Veronica Mars's Logan Echolls about them, of trying to find something for them to do even though their story has been told.

  2. John Says:

    I see the logic of saying goodbye to the Ponds after their wedding reception, but I enjoyed both their high points in season 6 – Rory's A Message and A Question scene, and of course 'The Girl Who Waited' – and their being back at home between adventures.

    I think having their story in season 6 (apart from their link with River Song) being that of getting used to time travelling and recognising what makes the Doctor tick would have been perfectly fine.