Murder everywhere

January 25th, 2013

The BBC, courtesy of figures produced by More or Less, provides the hard statistics to demonstrate that Jessica Fletcher was the world's greatest serial killer:

Location Murder rate
Midsomer County (assuming its population equivalent to Oxfordshire, where it's filmed) 32 per million (average of 2.6 murders an episode, eight episodes a year – so 21 people murdered each year). So Midsomer's crime rate equivalent to Chile or Turkey)
Oxfordshire 10 per million
Honduras (world's highest murder rate) 910 per million
Cabot Cove (setting for CBS's Murder, She Wrote – pop: 3,500) 1,490 per million

Granted she always managed to find some poor devil to take the fall, but you don't end up in the vicinity of so many murders by coincidence.

Seriously, the article makes some good points about how little murder as depicted on TV resembles the crime in real life.

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