Wonder Woman! Purr! Purr like a tigress!

February 20th, 2013

Chris Sims remembers Dastardly Events Aboard The Hellship!:

Bob Haney and Jim Aparo were the single greatest creative team that has ever worked on Batman, and if anyone says differently, they are wrong and dumb and I hate them forever.

That might be a bit of an extreme reaction, but I stand by it. With over 20 years on the character, Aparo is pretty unassailable as one of the definitive Batman artists, and while Haney's storytelling style might not be for everyone, you have to respect just how much he was able to cram into a single issue. Like, for instance, "Dastardly Events Aboard The Hellship," which features a kidnapped heiress, a boat with a miniature Gotham City and a miniature Old West town inside of it, a fight with an octopus, a fake circus, and Gorilla Surgeons. Also Wonder Woman is in there. It is 17 pages long. It might be the craziest comic book I have ever read.

I realize that I say that a lot and that I employ hyperbole in the same way that other writers employ the comma, but seriously, this one has to be at least in the top five, if only for Haney's commitment to the title. Not only is it an acronym that spells out D.E.A.T.H., but two of those letters stand for "Dastardly" and "Hellship," two words that do not actually appear in the rest of the story. […]

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