'I have absolutely no conscience about these things.'

June 5th, 2013

Prompted by a review of a couple of episodes of Aaron Sorkin's Sports Night at the AV Club, I found myself re-watching one of the best speeches Sorkin ever wrote, as delivered by William H Macy.

The context is that Macy's character, Sam Donovan, has recently joined the production team on 'Sports Night', the daily sports news show where the series is set. The three network executives Sam is talking to in this clip are unhappy that the show's current producer, Isaac Jaffe, has been ignoring the notes they've been sending him suggesting changes to the show's writing and presentation. After an unproductive meeting with Isaac which Sam also attended, the executives indicated to Sam that the job of producer was his if he wanted it. Following another unproductive meeting, this time with the show's production team and presenters, Sam wanders into the meeting room to resume the conversation with the suits…1

You can argue that Sorkin only has a limited number of tools in his bag,2 but the man knows how to use them. In the hands of the right actors, the results can be pretty damned satisfying.

[Via The A.V. Club]

  1. If you want to get the full flavour of all this, there's a longer clip here that includes the parts I described as well as the speech as above.
  2. Don't we all?

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