Escalator etiquette

July 31st, 2013

From an article in the BBC News Magazine about escalator etiquette:

"Able-bodied people standing on the downward escalator1 are in effect robbing the people behind them of time," says Hamilton Nolan, who writes for Gawker and regularly uses the New York subway.

"Their presumptuous need for leisure may cause everyone behind them to miss a train they would have otherwise caught. Then those people are forced to stand and wait on a subway platform for many extra minutes. Those are precious minutes of life that none of us will get back."

"Robbing"? "Forced to stand and wait"? "Presumptuous need for leisure"? It strikes me that Hamilton Nolan ought to to get his blood pressure checked, ASAP. If the behaviour of people who think differently to him causes him such stress, I have a feeling his future contains a stroke, probably striking as he strides purposefully down the escalator past a bunch of thieving slackers.2

[Via The Morning News]

  1. Are we to take it that standing on the upward escalator is OK? Does time work differently on the way up or something?
  2. It'd be ironic if he ended up crumpled in a heap at the bottom of the escalator, robbing the people behind him of their precious time as they walk around/step over his corpse.

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One Response to “Escalator etiquette”

  1. Kris Says:

    What?! I am a confirmed WALKER, and standers drive me crazy. Especially on the down escalator, and double especially on the weird "travelators" (i.e. a ramp but not steps) they have at my local shopping center. I have been known to even give a pointed "EXCUSE ME" while pushing past. I am convinced one of these days I'll probably get punched in the nose over it. :)