LOL My Thesis

December 28th, 2013

Lol My Thesis wraps up years of study as succinctly (and flippantly) as possibly:

Really, really thin semiconductors look different and act differently than really thin semiconductors because quantum mechanics. Also, 10 nanometers sounds really big now.
Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University

You can't understand what hillly cities look like in two dimensions.
Architecture, Universidad Católica de Chile.

Shakespeare wrote existential characters, but they were also postmodern in some movies, so obviously love can't exist with Billy Shakes.
English, Iona College

Vortex currents off a wing have weird effects on other wings AKA apparently helicopters shouldn't work.
Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State

I wonder if the Daily Mail will bother to mention how few of the entries come from UK institutions of higher learning when they pick out some choice extracts in order to demonstrate the absurdity of spending hard-working taxpayers' money on such unproductive postgraduate research, before demanding that Michael Gove go further in order to root out the Marxists who have been running our universities for the last four decades? Because obviously all that money should have been devoted to finding a cure for cancer.

To be fair, there's the odd thesis on the list that even the Mail might just approve of:

Why Is The Security Council Dysfunctional? Because the Russians Are Devious Liars
Political Science, University of Pennsylvania

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