Plutonium kun

April 3rd, 2011

Spike Japan reckons that in the wake of the ongoing disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, the Tokyo Electric Power company will be retiring their cutest mascot, Pluto(nium) kun:

Plutonium kun […] appeared in a 10-minute anime made about a decade ago by the Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation (now the Japan Atomic Energy Agency), an industry body specializing in the development of fast-breeder and advanced-thermal reactors, an anime that was swiftly withdrawn in part because of a scene in which Plutonium kun gets his boy pal to drink a glass of liquid plutonium while he sweetly intones that "I'm hardly absorbed by your stomach or intestines and I'm expelled by your body, so in fact I can't kill people at all".

Good to know…

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