Kickstarter stats

May 5th, 2011

Kickstarter's second birthday was marked with a fascinating post summarising the story so far in figures and charts:

[…] Approximately 43% of Kickstarter projects are successfully funded. The project success rate has held steady between 40-45%. There's no clear benchmark to judge whether this number is "good" or "bad," but in the concept stages of Kickstarter we had projected a 5% success rate. We think this is a great sign.

Another thing to note is the difference between the 43% success rate and the 85% pledge collection rate. This means that the overwhelming majority of pledges go to successful projects. Of the projects that do not meet their goal, 21% never receive a single pledge.

What is the tipping point for a project's funding? With just a single pledge, a project's chances of success jump to 52%. […]

[Via A Whole Lotta Nothing]

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