Monarchism, mapped

June 6th, 2012

The Yorkshire Ranter has plotted a map showing which local council areas authorised the most Jubilee street parties per head of population.

It turns out my home borough of North Tyneside is a little island of monarchism. Who knew?

[Via Blood & Treasure]

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Mad Monarchs

January 25th, 2009

David Mitchell asks: "Who can fail to have been impressed by the spectacle of President Obama's inauguration last week?"

[…] I'll tell you who – the Queen. I bet she sat there watching it on an unpretentious four-by-three portable, while she sorted dog biscuits into separate Tupperwares, muttering: It's bullshit, Philip! No carriages, no horses, no crown – it just looks like a bunch of businesspeople getting in and out of cars. It's as if the Rotary Club's taken over a whole country. And the new one's not even the son of one of the previous ones, unlike last time. I thought they were coming round to our way of thinking at last.

And she'd have a point. It might have been considerably grander than a new prime minister pulling up outside Number 10 and waving but, compared to the coronation, it looked like someone signing for their security pass and being shown where to hang their mug. […]

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