Ship Tracks off North America

January 20th, 2013

This picture of ship tracks off North America isn't at all what I thought from the title when it popped up in my feed reader. They're not 'tracks' as in a bow wave1, but the trails of clouds that form because of the trail of aerosols – be it exhaust fumes or just desert dust – that a ship leaves behind it.

There's also a rather nice animation showing almost 12 hours-worth of the tracks' movement.

  1. Which was what I'd assumed the picture would show.

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A view

August 19th, 2009

Today's APOD: The Milky Way Over the Badlands. Nice.

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1 Pixel

November 9th, 2008

I've started using the One Pixel Webcam's output to provide my desktop wallpaper:

This project began with a desired to feel more connected with my environment and particularly with the daylight. By taking one sky-pixel from a webcam in my town and duplicating that colour periodically as my desktop I am continuously reminded of the outside world. My desktop colour changes with the sky.

As it happens, as I first fired the program up at just before 5pm all I've seen so far is a tiny sliver of blue sky followed by varying shades of darkness.

Oh well, tomorrow is another (sunnier?) day…

[Via cityofsound]

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