Across The Sky

November 20th, 2015

The word 'epic' seems to small to cope with this scene:

On November 15, 2015 Théo Sanson walked nearly 500 meters on a slackline rigged from The Rectory to Castleton Tower in Castle Valley, Utah – likely a new world record. Rigging the line is perhaps as significant a feat as walking it.

Great, great music, too.

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Mentos National Night

November 1st, 2015

First we had travel agents fretting about the Danish birth rate, now it appears that Mentos are worried that Singaporeans aren't doing their duty when National Day comes round.

[Via Crooked Timber]

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Do It for Mom

October 4th, 2015

Danish moms are being asked1 to send their adult kids on baby-making vacations:

[Via @cityofsound]

  1. Which is to say, invited by advertisements for a travel agency – there's nothing 'official' about this.

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Record Club's Kick

September 26th, 2015

(I saved this link ages ago, and now I feel very silly for having followed it sooner because it was every bit as enjoyable as the MetaFilter writeup suggested and my hesitation deprived me of the fun of seeing Annie Clark stand in for Michael Hutchence.)

Back in 2010, Beck and some of his musician friends spent a day in the studio:

Joining in this time we had three of my favorite bands – Liars, Annie Clark and Daniel Hart from St. Vincent, Sergio Dias from the legendary Brazilian band Os Mutantes, as well as RC veteran Brian Lebarton, just back from the Charlotte Gainsbourg tour. The record covered this time was 1987 blockbuster ‘Kick’ by INXS. The record was chosen by fellow Aussie, Angus from the Liars. It was recorded in a little over 12 hours on March 3rd, 2010. It was an intense, hilarious, daunting and completely fun undertaking. Thanks to everybody for being there and putting so much into it. Many classic moments, inspired performances and occasional anarchy.

Some of the cover versions came off better than others, but when they worked they really worked:

You can also get the album on YouTube if you'd prefer to hear it as a single piece.

[Via MetaFilter]

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Wire Cutters

September 20th, 2015

Wire Cutters:

A chance encounter proves fateful for 2 robots mining on a desolate planet.

[Via Blog of the Long Now]

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5 mètres 80

September 7th, 2015

5 mètres 80:

C'est magnifique!

[Via Rands in Repose]

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Workin' In A Cocktail Bar

August 4th, 2015

What sort of sick, twisted mind does it take to come up with the idea of doing this to one of the great New Romantic singles?

I'll tell you what sort: the mind of a bloody genius!

[Via The A.V. Club, via]

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Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki

July 30th, 2015

A Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki:

So many fantastic stories, so little time to get round to watching them all again…

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July 25th, 2015

Robbie – A Short Film By Neil Harvey.

Set 6000 years the future, Robbie charts the existential reflections of an aging robot drifting alone through space on the last of his battery life.

[Via fuck yeah, science fiction!]

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June 24th, 2015


A lost soul stumbles drunken through the city. In a park, Death finds him and shows him many things.

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