This site is the home to the Sore Eyes weblog, which I have been writing in one form or another since 7 March 2000. For the first couple of years I posted entries at, and you can still find those entries here. After that I moved the site to this domain, in parallel with my starting to use a content management system (first Movable Type, then WordPress) to manage the site.

Unfortunately at the moment (as of 27 January 2016) I can't publish content I posted here during the Movable Type/WordPress era, though I do plan to have that content up again in the long run. For now, my priority is to have the site up and running again so I can post new content, then the older stuff will return once I can rescue it from the ashes of my former web host's version of the site. I'm now using to publish new content at this site.

Who am I?

My name is John Robinson. I'm a fiftysomething geek living in North Shields, a town in the north-east of England. By day I'm an administrative-level civil servant, but by night I'm … a geek who spends far too long reading things on the internet and occasionally (technology permitting!) posting links to the things I read at this site.

I hope you find something worth reading by way of the links I post here.