Say what you will about the former Soviet bloc, they certainly knew how to make aircraft that would last. Pat Malone quite clearly had the time of his life sitting in the co-pilot's seat:

HA-MKF is owned by James Black, who has wanted an An-2 since he first experienced the inside of one while flying in the World Aerobatics Championships in Russia before the Wall came down. A Polish-built late model, KF differs little from the 1946 original - the aircraft was never really developed during its long production run. The instruments and systems were adequate in the Paleolithic era, when Russian pilots apparently had the three arms you need to start her up and the gorilla muscles required to motor her around, and they still do the job today.

The Annie is where aeronautical engineering meets blacksmithing; she was designed to be maintained by farm boys in the Siberian wastes, and all they needed were big spanners. She can suck up her own fuel from a connector under the belly, where there's also a compressed air take-off for inflating the tyres. What tyre pressure is required? Consult the manual, and do you know what it says? "Inflate until round."

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