No, I'm not dead.

As of this post I've moved this site to a new web host and I'm now maintaining Sore Eyes using Jekyll). I'll rant another time about what prompted me to do this (hint: look for a post titled something along the lines of 10 Reasons Why Nobody Should Ever Use Gradwell Dot Com), but one immediate consequence of this switch in web hosts is that the content previously available here that I was managing using WordPress isn't immediately going to be available at this new host. I have to try to resurrect about thirteen years-worth of old posts from the smoking ashes of my old site, which may take a little while to arrange.

Just to be clear, this shift to Jekyll isn't because of any problems with WordPress as a content management system: it's a combination of a dreadfully inept former web host and (as I explored ways out of the mess they'd caused) an awareness that I'd rather not have to rely on my web host to do anything more than just respond to requests for static pages.

We'll see how this works out. I know the current layout I'm using is very barebones and will be doing something about that over the days and weeks to come, but the important thing is to get started again after I've been silent since late November. e This switch to uploading static pages created using a very basic Jekyll setup does mean that for now I don't have any way set up for users to comment on new posts, but to be fair the site (in common with an awful lot of other weblogs of similar vintage) hasn't seen very many comments in recent years, what with the conversation (and much of the traffic that used to go to linkblogs) having shifted to social media. I'm toying with the idea of inviting commenters to use Twitter, but given that I don't otherwise use Twitter - since Twitter stopped generating RSS feeds for users I've had a Twitter account so that I could follow those Twitter users I wanted to, but I've never had any desire to post there - I'm not sure about committing to following comments there. We'll see.

For the moment, I'm just happy to actually have somewhere I can publish my posts again. I hope whatever readers remain after this involuntary hiatus will be happy to read them.