In the light of the decision to move most of the photographic collection currently held at the National Media Museum in Bradford to London, the Guardian's Sam Jordison has a question:

Michael Pritchard, the director general of the Royal Photographic Society, also says the move is "disappointing", but there were serious practical considerations behind the decision: "The move of the RPS Collection to London from Bradford will increase accessibility in both a geographical sense and through the resources that the V&A is able to bring ensure public and research access. The Media Museum has suffered declining staff and funding cuts over recent years which has impacted on public access to the collection despite the very best efforts of the curatorial staff."

Let me put that in a less diplomatic way. A museum in Yorkshire cannot afford to curate this collection as well as everyone might wish. A museum in London can. Therefore a world-class institution in a northern city is going to have to give up some of its biggest treasures because it doesn't have sufficient funding – but the magic porridge pot in the capital somehow keeps on giving.

If you're inclined to agree with Jordison's take on the decision, please consider signing this petition at 38 Degrees.