Slate's Kristin Hohenadel really liked BUS, a piece of public sculpture that Spanish artist collective mmmm… set up in Baltimore in 2014:

So patently obvious and instantly appealing that it makes you wonder why the world isn’t full of 14-foot-tall, 7-foot-wide three-letter bus stop typography sculptures that spell out the word BUS.

Bus stop in Baltimore, by Mmmm

I appreciate that this was a public sculpture rather than a serious proposal for a functional structure, but wouldn't the lack of protection against inclement weather and the very limited number of seats available relative to the amount of space the damned thing takes up render it singularly useless as a bus stop?1

In the real world, that guy relaxing and claiming the entire letter 'S' for himself would be politely asked to sit up and leave room for someone else, for a start.

[Via @cityofsound]

  1. Not a criticism of the artists, more one of the journalist talking nonsense. Or perhaps I'm just in a grumpy mood this afternoon because my back's playing up…