To Round is a to-do list aimed at busy people who like to take a visual approach to organising their life:

With our project we want to help those who constantly forget important things to be done.

We have created To Round for you, visuals, because you are a third of humanity across the globe.

We show your to-do list as bubbles in a funnel, so that you could clearly see how many things are there to do and how important they are.

Too Round?

I played around with for a bit, but I don't think it's for me: first because I absolutely must have the option of recurring to-do items, and second because I didn't find the "today's tasks as a barrel-full of balls" metaphor terribly helpful in visualising the day. Give me a text-based list sorted by some combination of priority and category/tag and deadline every time!

All of which just means that it's not for me: it's an interesting approach to take to the problem, and one I'm sure someone out there could find appealing. 1

[Via swissmiss]

  1. Also, I'm convinced that over the long term I'd spend more time endlessly tweaking in an attempt to precisely capture whether Task A should be 74% of the size/priority of Task B or merely 69% of the size. In effect, the bubble approach offers near-infinite gradations of task priority, which is not something someone with a mind like mine should be allowed to contemplate.