Say what you will about the building's long-term prospects, 1 but the Harbin Opera House looks like a proper 21st century successor to the Sydney Opera House: huge, weird-looking and just plain awe-inspiring when seen from a distance.

Harbin Opera House


  1. Let's face it, forty years from now it might just be a shattered ruin after the New Revolution has swept China's capitalist/communist government away for spending so much of their nation's resources on playthings for princelings. Or it could be the shining symbol of the neo-Confucian world order that rose in China once the West and the Russions drove one another's economies into oblivion and left China to resume the nation's rightful role. Or it could be the lair of the 21st century's greatest Bond Villain. Or Google China's new HQ. Or possibly just an absurdly cool backdrop for a certain type of fashion shoot.