I know this post is not remotely timely, but the story of the 1st April announcement of Virgin America's new logo is still worth sharing:

"It represents the human-centered design that's at the core of Virgin America," one designer quips. Virgin took the prank to the next level by inventing a faux creative agency - N_Fuzion - and building a website for it. Here's how the company explains arriving at the design:

To achieve the look and feel, a team of 15 designers spent over 2,500 hours perfecting the precise shape of the circles. In fact, if you look closely, you'll see that each circle is designed to mimic the nose of our Airbus A320 aircraft. To achieve this effect, Connor had us physically remove the entire nose and flight deck of one of our aircraft. The 14-ton section was then lifted with a crane onto a giant sheet of paper the length of an entire football field, at which point Connor traced the shape with a charcoal pencil to achieve the thick, bold lines you see bordering the logo.

Fine work by all involved.