It turns out that posting to Facebook shortly before a court appearance may not be the best idea ever:

On January 12, the Taranaki Daily News reported that Judge Allan Roberts would be retiring at the end of the month after nine years on the bench in New Plymouth, in western New Zealand.

Later that day, a local resident came across the story and posted the following insightful commentary on Facebook:


Mr. La Rue apparently hoped "da fuka [would be] gne by fryday" because that would mean he would not be on the bench the following week, when Mr. LaRue was to appear in court to answer for a significant amount of unpaid traffic fines.

Of course, had he read the entire article, he would have known that Judge Roberts was not stepping down until the end of the month. […]


Unless someone knows otherwise 1 I thought the judge took it fairly well, all things considered.

  1. e.g. providing evidence that the typical community service for that amount in unpaid fines in that jurisdiction is normally an order of magnitude less than the sentence Mr La Rue received.