I'm glad Rui Carmo mentioned this, because I'd not been aware that AgileBits are dropping support for using 1PasswordAnywhere from Dropbox: 1

In the coming days, 1PasswordAnywhere (the 1Password.html file within your Agile Keychain folder) will stop working for 1Password data stored in Dropbox. We know that this feature was important to some of our customers, so we want to lay out your options and help you figure out a way forward.

It's all very well for AgileBits to argue that most users will have access to a phone or a tablet that supports the 1Password app, but having to look up a potentially quite complicated password on your tablet or phone and then type it in on the desktop's web browser to get access to a site is destined to be a real pain.

This isn't a big enough deal to make me consider dropping 1Password - not least because most of my desktop computing is done on my Mac Mini and that has a nice OS X client for 1Password installed - but if I was, say, at work 2 it was always nice to have the option of secure access to my password data on any modernish PC/browser setup you came across.

[Via Michael Tsai, via Tao of Mac]

  1. Or, from another angle, any day now DropBox will roll out an update that will no longer support the way 1PasswordAnywhere operates.

  2. Doing personal web browsing whilst on my lunch break, obviously!