British startup Score Assured is offering landlords and employers an opportunity to gather 'evidence' of peoples' personalities and habits by collecting and analysing applicants' social media activity across multiple platforms:

After your would-be landlord sends you a request through the service, you're required to grant it full access to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and/or Instagram profiles. From there, Tenant Assured scrapes your site activity, including entire conversation threads and private messages; runs it through natural language processing and other analytic software; and finally, spits out a report that catalogues everything from your personality to your "financial stress level."


"If you're living a normal life," [Score Assured co-founder Steve Thornhill…] reassures me, "then, frankly, you have nothing to worry about."

In fact, Thornhill sees his product as empowering both landlords and tenants: the former, to make more informed decisions about whom they rent to and spot lies on applications; the latter, to present a fuller, more accurate picture of themselves than might be available in a credit report or background check.

"Empowering" and "normal" used to be such innocuous words…

With a little luck Facebook and the other social media platforms will decide that this sort of deep dive into users' data is an abuse of their terms of service and will pull Score Assured's access to their API.

In a slightly darker timeline, the lesson Facebook will learn from this is that, what with people having multiple identities being a sign of a lack of integrity, it'd be best for us all if potential employers / tenants used Facebook's shiny new reference confirmation service (priced very reasonably) instead of relying on dodgy middlemen to figure out what applicants aren't telling them.

[Via The Null Device]