Since hearing about Ars Paradoxica via MeFi Fanfare at the weekend I've devoured eight episodes of the 14 released so far.

At the dawn of the Cold War, the accidental inventor of time-travel finds herself press-ganged into service by a secretive branch of the US government.

Our main character, Dr Sally Grissom, is taking the sudden change in her situation remarkably calmly, all things considered. By this point the story is developing nicely, with all sorts of complications emerging that could go in any number of directions.

As they aim to publish a new episode once a month, I'm now torn between slowing up a bit so I can get to episode 14 shortly before episode 15 is due, or just blasting through the next six episodes and going cold turkey until the release schedule resumes.

I've already been sufficiently entertained that I've thrown a few quid an episode their way via Patreon. Fingers crossed this one runs and runs.

[Via FanFare]