I feel all nostalgic after reading How Netflix and Ridley Scott Conspired To Ruin My Childhood, Sort Of::

Bust out the arts and crafts kits and lose your pants, Tor.com, for the Movie Rewatch of Great Nostalgia is back!

Today's entry is that fount of restraint and realism: 1985's Legend. Ooooh yeah.


ME: So, what do we remember about this movie?


LIZ: There are people who worked on this movie who are still finding glitter in their stuff today.

ME: I believe it.

It's a long time since I've watched it, but having loved Alien and watched Blade Runner a good half a dozen times during its' initial cinema release I was definitely up for a look at what Ridley Scott did next.

Legend didn't live up to Scott's previous two films, but it still made a deep impression on me. Tim Curry's performance is to this day what I think any self-respecting cinematic Embodiment of Evil should aspire to. (And don't get me started on the scene where Mia Sara's character finds herself seduced by an especially alluring dress before Tim Curry makes his entrance. I even enjoyed a post-Risky Business Tom Cruise stretching himself a bit as the hero of the story. It's been far too long since I rewatched Legend, but it looks as if it isn't available via any of the streaming services I use.

I might even have to consider investing in a shiny plastic disk.