Prompted by a discussion thread after James Nicoll posted a review of a collection of some of the late James White's Sector General stories, nojay posted a lovely piece remembering James White that included a nice joke that only a certain type of fan 1 will get:

Jim had a wicked sense of humour, something he shared with his friend, fellow SF writer and compatriot Bob Shaw. Jim suffered from diabetes and his eyesight was not the best. He wore bottle-end glasses and read his notes using a magnifying glass. As he put it, the spectacles allowed him to see the magnifying glass and the glass allowed him to read the notes. This made him a second-stage lensman.

[Via More Words, Deeper Hole]

  1. Or perhaps I should say, a fan of a certain age. I'm not sure today's youngsters have ever been introduced to the works of E E 'Doc' Smith.